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Opinions and recommendations on ETS:


CEMEX: Our approach

Our approach

CEMEX operates in an energy-intensive industry. We envisage our commitment for a low carbon world as a challenge and a business opportunity.

Our target is to reduce the carbon content of our products in line with European targets, while creating economic value and developing new products oriented to driving the construction industry to the development of a low carbon economy.

CEMEX Low carbon strategy

The following are  the key components of our strategy from process point of view:

  1. Reducing the ecological foot print of our production process by

  2. Replacing traditional fossil fuels with lower emission alternatives

  3. Reducing the clinker content in cement

  4. Increasing use of renewable electricity and the energy efficiency of our operations.

  5. Aligning our operations and initiatives with EU objectives and participating in all other schemes in the countries we operate in

  6. Providing accurate information on our global performance:

  7. Through the GNR report with the WBCSD Cement Sustainability Initiative

  8. Publishing the carbon content of all our products : cement, aggregates and concrete.

  9. Developing CDMs in non annex 1 countries in which we operate

CEMEX activities for a low carbon construction

Apart from the pure operational measures, CEMEX is :

  1. Expanding our products portfolio with new products for more sustainable construction and a reduction of carbon impacts from buildings and infrastructure.

  2. Participation in the WBCSD Urban Infrastructure Initiatives linked to sustainable infrastructures and building solution in urban areas and cities.

Carbon strategy goals

CO2 savings obtained in recent years


Cement as a key product for Climate Change strategies

  1. Concrete products are key for reducing carbon foot print  during the entire life cycle of buildings:

  2. Reducing heat losses

  3. Increasing the durability of buildings

  4. Simplifying construction with new precast developments

  5. Saving resources with the recovery of demolition waste

  6. Concrete is a vital ingredient in the construction of infrastructure and buildings  that can either withstand or remediate the effects of climate change

Considerations in relation with 2050 EU Road map

  1. In order to reach the most ambitious targets set by the EU, the cement sector is dependent on the support  of both national and European authorities :

  2. promoting the use of fuels with lower carbon content & avoiding barriers for the use of waste fuels.

  3. Incentivising recovery operations.

  4. Supporting R&D developments, necessary if the sector is to reach the reduction targets for 2050. e.g. CCS.

  5. CEMEX is committed to the EU carbon policies but at the same time needs a predictable, consistent and simple legal framework which provides industry with the legal certainty required for its continued competitiveness in Europe.         


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