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Today, Europe's policymakers are debating various ideas that in line with the EU's energy trifecta of sustainability, energy security and economic competitiveness, as well as tackling increased energy prices and assessing energy infrastructure across the Member States. The debate on the 2030 energy and climate framework brought all these issues to the forefront, asking stakeholders for their ideas on what should be the future drivers of energy and climate policy.

At LOGOS, our energy team has the sectoral knowledge and policy expertise to facilitate strategic engagement with the policymakers and relevant stakeholders involved in these conversations. It is from this perspective that we strive to understand the different dimensions of the legislative and regulatory frameworks to assist you and meet your business development needs more effectively, identifying the opportunities and risks associated with your market access.


CASE STUDY: A global cement company

Their Challenge:  The European Commission is looking at cost-efficient ways to make the European economy more climate-friendly and less energy-consuming. By 2050, the EU would like to cut most of its greenhouse gas emissions. This is a big challenge for the cement industry as European energy prices create additional cost burdens that affect Europe’s global competitiveness with electricity prices more than double those in the US, Russia and other key competitor nations. Our client has consistently called for a predictable regulatory framework which allows for long term investment planning in order to guarantee continuity in investments on sustainable development solutions such as: sustainable construction, protecting biodiversity, alternative fuels (managing waste as a resource) and price stability of the carbon markets.

Our Solution: Knowledge & information are power: Logos’ monitoring service for our client not only keeps them immediately informed of all relevant legislative developments, but we also advise them on its implications and how they can promote their interests. At Logos we gather intelligence directly from key policymakers that help anticipate likely legislative scenarios. Education & profiling campaign: continuously interacting with a wide variety of stakeholders to discuss and address society's most pressing needs.

Our Results: Our client has been asked by European policy makers to help in developing the new EU rules for safer lorries in order to reduce deaths on the roads. Furthermore, our client has been asked to participate on European missions to invest in emerging markets and to help design a European strategy for a competitive and low carbon economy.