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Europe is confronted with major health, economic and scientific challenges and constant changes within its health and pharmaceutical industries. Today, it is moving to identify the key issues that affect the competitiveness of these industries and to propose and implement solutions in cooperation with the relevant stakeholders. Recent legislative and regulatory proposals, such as the revision of the Medical Devices Directives and the Clinical Trials Directive, will have a significant impact on these industries. LOGOS understands these regulatory challenges. We can simplify the process, place your needs within the regulatory framework and create a strategic outreach plan to have your message communicated to the right stakeholders.


CASE STUDY: A European Association within the Medical Sector

The Challenge: A medical association, with a large membership, realised that in order to raise awareness of a specific disease both with the public and policymakers, they needed to have an increased presence.

Our Solution: In order to raise the profile of the association, LOGOS developed an outreach campaign focused on the European Parliament. To further promote the mission and goals of the association, LOGOS organised an event in the European Parliament with key MEPs and stakeholders in attendance.

Our Results: Through these tailor-made efforts, we managed to raise the profile of the association and raise awareness of the disease, and preventative measures.