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Europe's transport is fundamental for the smooth functioning of the single market and the entire economy. Consisting of ports, airports, railways, roads and waterways, Europe's transport network allows citizens and goods to move with ease around the continent.

In its White Paper 2011, the European Commission defined a long-term strategy to create the single European Transport Area by 2050, laying out ten goals for a competitive and resource efficient transport system. The new Juncker Commission initiated a mid-term review of the White Paper and announced new initiatives such as an Aviation Package (addressing among other the issue of drones - "Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems" in EU jargon) or a Road Package encompassing road pricing, social aspects and market access initiatives.

Europe's automotive industry is also at a crossroads as it must step up to the challenge of clean transport and adapt to the growing deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). International harmonisation, through standardisation or UNECE regulations, is also high on the agenda as it plays an increasing role in order to remain competitive in today’s global market. The revision of the Framework Directive on type-approval of motor vehicles together with the definition of post-2020 CO2 targets, will surely mark another important milestone for the sector.​

Last but not least, the European transport infrastructure is essential to aid Europe in fulfilling its full economic and social potential. Its success will go a long way towards helping Europe with its energy efficiency and climate change targets. However, removing barriers and bottlenecks that may hamper progress can only be achieved by striking the right balance between all financial instruments such as the TEN-T, Connecting Europe Facility and the proposed European Fund for Strategic Investments.

At LOGOS, our transport & automotive experts will guide you safely through the risks and opportunities of current and upcoming legislative proposals. LOGOS will identify opportunities, the relevant policymakers and stakeholders involved allowing you to effectively take part in the debate.