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Europe is striving to make a more efficient use of its resources. According to the European Commission, the so-called ‘circular economy’ offers scope for innovation, sustainable growth and saving money, as well as reducing the impact on the environment. Better waste management and improved resource efficiency are among the ideas guiding the European institutions’ policymaking.

This is clearly reflected in the European Union’s decision to place resource efficiency at the centre of Europe’s economic growth strategy, and the Resource Efficiency Roadmap which sets out the path towards a resource-efficient society.

LOGOS’ environment team understands the risks and opportunities created by current and future European regulations for European and international industry; REACH & Chemicals, waste management, sustainability are important policies than not only have to be look from the prevention angle but from the risk assessment perspective.

Allow us to help you better understand where the goals of your company, sector, or association fit in, where you can monitor, profile or influence the conversation and ultimately to guide your business decisions.



Their Challenge: Our client needed to understand the risks and opportunities for its industry associated with upcoming EU legislation on batteries. Once a legislative assessment had been completed, our client needed to take part in the ongoing debate in order to prevent the adoption of harmful legislation.

Our Solution: LOGOS implemented a profiling campaign focused on EU policymakers and consumers to ensure the safe use of batteries, including an information campaign about proper collection schemes and recycling systems. We also organised an outreach campaign targeting important decision-makers throughout the entire legislative process to ensure that a mutual dialogue took place.

Our Results: Through the launch of parallel communication and advocacy campaigns, LOGOS succeeded in ensuring the removal of the parts of the legislation that might have harmed the industry and its investments. In addition, a consumer-oriented information campaign on battery recycling was conducted.