connect Europe

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) can play a crucial role in delivering economic growth, jobs and social interaction. Due to their fast evolving nature, ICTs often pose a challenge for regulators and policy makers as they need to find the balance between fostering investment, competition and ensuring regulatory compliance.

In recent years, Brussels has been home to major regulatory developments affecting the ICT sector. The 2015 Digital Single Market Strategy of the European Commission aims to improve and modernise Europe’s barriers to online business, in many areas such as copyright, e-commerce, media/content, or parcel delivery.

Our team of specialised public affairs and communication professionals can provide you with the support and strategic advice to make sure that “regulation” means good business for you. In that context, we can support with your lobbying efforts and put your issues on the agenda of policy makers thanks to our strong PR and media credentials.



Challenge: Our client needed to change the perception of the online gambling industry in order to positively influence EU and national legislation.

Our Solution: LOGOS Public Affairs built strong messages supported by facts and figures to enhance credibility of the sector. LOGOS used these messages with the media (Press Releases) and EU political stakeholders (Position Papers). A reputation of the sector was built by teaming-up with other associations and industries (advertising, sport, etc).

Our Results: LOGOS succeeded in positioning the sector as a responsible and trusted industry vis-à-vis the regulators and the media. This has allowed for a move from emotional to fact-based discussions on online gambling. LOGOS managed to position the sector as a key driver of the European e-commerce agenda.