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The European Policy Dialogue for Growth (EPDG)’s kick-off policy dialogue Improving Equity Financing Mechanisms for Biotech Start-ups in Europe, will take place on 13 May in London, at OBN’s 8th BioTrinity 2014 Conference.

This high-level debate is one of a series of events bringing together concerned Biopharma stakeholders, such as EU officials, corporate, VC funds experts and SME representatives to address the shortage of financing and shape the role of the EU`s financing mechanisms.

The dialogue will be opened by Dr Jon Rees, CEO, OBN and chaired by Dr William Brooks, Managing Director, Chardon Consulting.

Europe continues to suffer from a shortage of venture capital financing enabling biotech start-ups to support their first stages of development before placing their innovation on the market and becoming self-sustainable. The problem is known but the solutions remain to be identified in the European Union. Approaches embracing new policy tools and financing measures are needed to drive innovation forward.

Through industry consultation, the European Policy Dialogue for Growth project aims to propose adapting existing public policies and mechanisms, most notably the European financial bodies EIB and EIF. By bringing stakeholders together, the EPDG aspires to create conditions for SMEs and biotech start-ups to shape solutions and develop specific ideas to tackle the shortcomings of current legislative measures and financing tools. Improved policies will enlarge the funding pool for European biotech start-ups, boosting innovative research and development and helping novel scientific discovery to cross the “Valley of Death” currently preventing promising novel therapies from progressing out of the laboratory to the point where they become viable commercial propositions.

For further information, please contact Kathrin Ludwig via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..